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The District of Hudson’s Hope is located on the bank of the Peace River in the Rocky Mountain foothills of British Columbia, 90 kilometres west of the City of Fort St. John and 66 kilometres north of the District of Chetwynd on Highway 29. Hudson's hope is located within the booming North Peace Region which produces 90 per cent of the province's grain, 38 per cent of its hydroelectric power, and some of the largest gas fields in North America, with over 10,000 wells drilled. The area employs about 2,300 forestry workers and plays host to 300,000 tourists each year.

Industries in Hudson’s Hope include energy, forestry, oil & gas, agriculture, guide and outfitting, and eco-tourism. Forestry companies are harvesting both aspen and coniferous stands, which are processed in nearby mills. Oil and gas exploration is on-going within the town site and outlying areas. Drilling for conventional and unconventional gas is being undertaken be a number of companies. Two major dams producing 38% of BC's hydroelectric power are located within the district boundaries. Agricultural endeavours include cattle and buffalo ranching, grain farming, and honey production.

Hudson’s Hope has significant potential for investment in the areas of aspen based forestry and value added lumber manufacturing, tourism, and tree nursery opportunities. Hudson’s Hope has services in place to accommodate a population in excess of 6,000 people. Land and property taxes are among the lowest in British Columbia. A high emphasis is placed on the quality of life, making it a safe and inviting family community.

Surrounded by lakes and rivers, Hudson’s Hope offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities including excellent fishing, boating, water skiing, canoeing, hunting, camping, hiking, swimming, sailing, and wildlife viewing.

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Jennifer Moore
Economic Development Officer
North Peace Economic Development Commission

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